Intimacy and Communication Coaching

Corinne Diachuk - Intimacy & Communication CoachingThe Art of conscious touch. 

Communication is the most important and yet often the most challenging part of any relationship. Our experiences around the words we learn and share can very from person to person. These shades of perception can give rise to misunderstanding and a feeling of being misunderstood.

However, with attention we can learn how to listen to, and honour the wisdom of the body. With intention it is possible to come back into alignment with the truest of our desires, where we can experience what it means to be 100% in consent within ourselves. With practice we can learn how to share intimacy from a deep place of truth. 

There are many reasons we may go along with a sexual scenario that does not serve us, whether it be societal conditioning, low self esteem, a feeling of “duty” or “obligation”. Saying “yes” when the body is saying “no” can lead to unfulfilling sexual relationships, building of resentment and incurring sexual trauma, even within a loving partnership. This is a very deep and personal conversation that your body may be having with you, based on valid past experiences.

Through Somatic Sex Education many people have experienced:

  • How to understand the deeply held stories and messages of your body
  • Acceptance of who you are and where you are as being perfect for you at this time and place
  • Expressing yourself authentically, and discovering who you are as an erotic being.

Using communication, breath, movement and touch, we can start to unravel the stories of the body, finding the joy, ease, and pleasure that is our natural state. Choosing conscious sexuality means learning how to ask for, give, receive, and take your pleasure. This means, between consenting adults… anything is possible! I can help you discover choice, and find your voice.