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Meet Corinne

I am a mother, lover, fierce friend, Yoga Therapist, Somatic Sex Educator, lifelong adventurer, and survivor of sexual violence.

I identify as queer, femme, cis, pansexual, switch, and white. I am a descendant of Ukrainian settlers, whom, fleeing oppression and famine, bought stolen land of the Plains Cree peoples of what is now Edmonton, Canada, at the turn of the last century.

I live and tend land on the un-ceded territory of the Coast Salish First Nations peoples, colonially known as Victoria BC. I grew up in a middle-class family, and I acknowledge the privileges I took for granted growing up; access to healthcare, access to education, a supportive family, I pass for heteronormative, I am considered generally attractive by societies standards, and that all these unearned advantages helped to shape the lens that I have experienced my sexuality.

I completed the sexological bodywork training in 2013, and this radical community celebrated my lived experience and held me without judgment in all this beautiful complexity. I knew at that time that I wanted to align myself with Caffyn Jesse, captain Snowdon, and this line of work became my vocation. 

I helped form the Somatic Sex Educators Association as the secretary in 2014 – 2017, was the President from 2017-2020, and have been the treasurer ever since.  

In 2018, Together with, Caffyn Jesse and Dr. Liam “captain” Snowdon, we co-created and launched the Somatic Sex Education Professional Training. I continue to run this school, offer mentorship support to our students, and co-facilitate the in-person and online trainings. You can learn more about the Institute here:

In 2018 I completed my Diploma of Yoga Therapy, with over 1000 hours of supervised study and practice, with my dear teachers at Ajna Yoga, Jules and Michelle.

In 2018, I also became a certified Wheel of Consent facilitator with Dr. Betty Martin and the School of Consent. I feel that this model of communication has been truly transformational for me and I have shared it with many clients, students, friends, lovers, and even my children. It brings me great joy to share this information with as many people as possible!

I came to this work through my own healing journey. It is a deeply personal mission for me to help people access their own embodiment through somatic practices and Yoga Therapy, and to support the empowerment of choice and voice in people, especially those who live with systemic and or embodied oppressions. I invite folks to journey safely into their bodies, to develop a relationship with the wisdom and language of the body, to find a quality of quiet to be able to really, truly listen to the messages our bodies are giving us all the time about our preferences, aversions, wants, needs, desires, and dreams.

When I listen to my body, I notice that my preferences are; slow lingering touches, soft kisses, dark chocolate, naps, leisurely bubble baths, growing food and getting dirty in the garden, riding bikes, coffee, and single malt scotch. I feel resourced by the immense pleasure in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. You may find me in the forest, on a beach, weaving worlds and building community, sharing somatic wisdom online as an erotic embodiment coach, or offering workshops in your hometown.

I am passionate about creating safe enough spaces for folks to have conversations with their bodies about pleasure, and offering practical tools for negotiating consent from this empowered, embodied place.

Are you ready to find healing through the expansive possibilities for embodied pleasure in life, and in finding a more truthful expression of self?

Sign up for one of my programs, or book a private session with me,  I look forward to supporting you on your own personal journey to sexual wholeness.

“I have practiced yoga for many years, but with Corinne, it’s the first time that I recognized and awoke to the power of the pelvic floor and genitals is not only sexual awareness but how the practice and awareness can and does become integrated in all aspects of life. I feel more confident in myself and more able to express what I need and want (and don’t want). I’m much more aware of my own ability to access pleasure with another and for myself … primarily through the focus of the breath I’m now able to feel expanding and opening sensation in my pelvic floor and that sexual energy that builds draws up on the exhalation and pleasure that arises fills my whole body, not just my sexual organs but my whole being and that makes me feel I am tapping into my happiness much more easily as well as my creativity. I feel more open and connected overall within myself with others. That feeling goes deep and I have a greater sense of self-love and compassion.”

Facilitator Reference Letters

Dr. Liam 'captain' Snowdon

To whom it may concern, I am writing to recommend to you the work of Corinne Diachuk. I have had the immense pleasure of attending, co-creating and evaluating workshops that Corinne has taken part in. Corinne is doing radical consent education in a way and at a time in history that we need pleasure focused, trauma-informed and social justice oriented experiential teaching. In sex education and anti-violence circles up and down the west coast Corinne is one of the most qualified, professional and frankly engaging facilitators. It is with immense delight that I think of folks of diverse allegiances, identities and knowledge bases at your conference learning with Corinne. In pleasure, Dr. Liam “captain” Snowdon Founder Sex Positive Art and Resource Centre (SPARC), VictoriaBC Assistant Professor, Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment

Ala Wroblewska R.Ac

To Whom it may concern “Corinne Diachuk has displayed excellent professionalism and organization in presenting a consent focused workshop in Vancouver. She provided participants with theory and practical components. Corinne’s enthusiasm in teaching left people walking away from the day-long workshop excited about a new perspective. My hope is that we are able to host her in Vancouver again soon.” Ala Wroblewska R.Ac 604.961.9273

Caffyn Jesse

To whom it may concern, My understanding is that Corinne Diachuk is proposing to facilitate a 6-hour session on The Art of Negotiating Desire at the Guelph sexuality conference this year. I can highly recommend her for this role. I can speak to her professionalism and her embodiment of the knowledge that she will present and share with lucky participants. Corinne has a deep understanding of the nuances of consent that includes awareness of embodied and systemic oppression, and is trauma-sensitive. She will give participants an experience that will expand their minds and offer them actual tools and practices to support their feeling more empowerment and pleasure. I am confident your participants will feel more able to speak their truth, ask for what they want, and hear what others feel and desire. In their work with clients, they will understand how people fail to speak their truth, and instead go into enduring unwanted touch, taking unwelcome liberties, fearing their own (or others) desires, and fearing expression of their own (or others) boundaries. I have taught with Corinne for the last 4 years in the Canadian Somatic Sex Educators Professional training. She is a very skilled presenter who tracks each participant in our intensives, with awareness of their vulnerabilities and support for their personal needs. She can command a room with her unique and well-practiced teachings on consent, while offering and embodying a playfulness and sexiness that is vital to the pleasurable learning of participants. She always offers handouts and other supportive learning materials, and she ensures that our students have takeaways and measureable learning outcomes. She is a co-creator of our curriculum at the Institute for the study of Somatic Sexology and one of the world’s most experienced and respected somatic sex educators. Please contact me with any questions. Caffyn Jesse Phone/text: 250-537-1967 email: Website:

Cosmo Meens SSE

To whom it may concern I am writing on behalf of Corinne Diachuk. Corinne is absolutely one of the best presenters I have had the honour of learning from. She is thoughtful and courageous in her delivery. She cares very much about delivering the very best and most current information she has to offer and has gathered from her community. She spends a great deal of time laying out the handouts and information she sends people home with to ensure it is as useful as it can be to folks. I have been her friend, student, and colleague as well as been in a support role to a few events and workshops she has hosted. All of which were excellent and received rave reviews. I have also seen her shine as a presenter when things behind the scenes were presenting challenges and instead of having it impact her negatively instead she allowed it to bring more vulnerability and honesty to her teachings. Having witnessed both single evening events and week-long intensives I’m positive she will be a fantastic presenter for this years Guelph Sexuality Conference. She is also a strong leader and voice of inspiration amongst our community and peers. Cosmo Meens SSE

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