Private Sessions

Corinne Is Only Available For Private Sessions Online For Students Who Are Registered For The Somatic Sex Educator Professional Training Or Have Completed The Yoga For Sexual Happiness Course.

Yoga Therapy

This is a powerful time to meet your body again in a new way.

Somatic Sex Education

Somatic sex education is designed to nurture, deepen or awaken the sensual self.
Yoga Therapy: More Info

In a Private Yoga Therapy Session, all postures and practices are approached from a perspective of “Invitation” and Inquiry”. The student is encouraged to listen to the messages of the body and allow the practices to find their ways in the body rather than trying to fit their bodies into the practice. Much time and space is given to allow stories and emotions to arise, and to process. A daily practice will be developed to inspire mindfulness on and off the mat.

This is a powerful time to meet your body again in a new way. If it has been a while since you paid yourself attention, or if you have gone through some life-changing events, and you are ready to feel safe in your body again; private sessions can help you to gain confidence, to better understand your emotional holding patterns, and to discover your pain free range of movement.

Somatic Sex Education: More Info

As a somatic sex educator, I offer body-based learning, including coaching in breath, movement, body awareness, boundary-setting, communication, anatomy, sensate focus, massage, erotic trance, and other body-based teachings about sex. Somatic sex education is designed to nurture, deepen or awaken the sensual self. I offer teachings in sensual and sexual bodywork sessions for folks to practice at home, in which my students can discover their capacity for joy at their own pace. As they open to their deepest pleasures, there is space to process shame, fear, and grief if it arises. Playful somatic exercises empower choice and voice in erotic exchanges.

People come to see me for many reasons. Some of them are:

  • Healing from injury, illness, or learning about yourself in a new stage of life.
  • A safe place to speak openly about the intimate details of your life.
  • Discovering who you are as a sexual being.
    • Self-pleasure Coaching.
    • The Wheel of Consent – Practice establishing, communicating and negotiating boundaries – and Awakening to conscious sexuality – Practice giving and receiving, asking for and granting permission for touch.
  • Loss or lack of sexual desire – inside or outside of a relationship.
  • Learning to love yourself again after sexual abuse or trauma.
  • Healing from sexual trauma or traumatic childbirth.
  • Healing sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation.
  • Scare tissue remediation – help for scars from abdominal or genital surgery.
  • Prostate education and health.
  • Deciphering sexual identity.
  • Changing habitual sexual roles or scripts.
  • Being sexual with a disability, including spinal cord injury, paralysis, brain injury or debilitating disease.
  • Addressing troublesome turn-ons, including “pornography addiction”, “sex addiction”, unwated fantasies.
  • Massage lessons for lovers, learning the arts of sacred touch.
  • Exploring new ways of being sexual in a safe environment.


With the launch of my new projects this year, and the successful launch of The Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education, it seems as though I am shifting my professional focus toward teaching and supporting new practitioners.

So, I am in the process of changing my private practice. I still LOVE working with people, but currently, I am not available for private, in-person sessions. 

Here are some more options for you:

http://theorgasmiclifecoach.com1. Purchase my Yoga for Sexual Happiness course, sign up for my next Wheel of Consent online workshop, or enroll in course one with the Somatic Sex Educator Professional Training.

2. Private Online Coaching sessions – for Registered students only

step 1. Take some time to look at my intake form, fill it in online or download and email back to me. Answer only the questions you feel are relevant to our work together

Step 2. Schedule a call with me using my online booking system

Step 3. Send payment using e transfer or Paypal

Step 4. Download zoom software to your computer

Step 5. I will send you the link to our call once payment is received!

 3. Come to one of my yoga classes at the Oak Bay Recreation center in Victoria, BC (currently full as of spring 2021)

4. Invite me to teach a workshop in your community, we can design it together to suit your needs.

(when travelling is possible again)

5. Check out this list of amazing practitioners in and around Victoria






“I have practiced yoga for many years, but with Corinne, it’s the first time that I recognized and awoke to the power of the pelvic floor and genitals is not only sexual awareness but how the practice and awareness can and does become integrated in all aspects of life. I feel more confident in myself and more able to express what I need and want (and don’t want). I’m much more aware of my own ability to access pleasure with another and for myself … primarily through the focus of the breath I’m now able to feel expanding and opening sensation in my pelvic floor and that sexual energy that builds draws up on the exhalation and pleasure that arises fills my whole body, not just my sexual organs but my whole being and that makes me feel I am tapping into my happiness much more easily as well as my creativity. I feel more open and connected overall within myself with others. That feeling goes deep and I have a greater sense of self-love and compassion.”

“Somatic Sex Education integrated with Yoga Therapy creates a very inviting and warm environment. I felt like I could express what I was feeling even though in my life it was very new for me to speak of and express my sexuality verbally with another person. This practice has created an environment that is nurturing and open to all senses, from the music, the lovely treats offered after each session, the warmth of the space – all created the environment needed for a feeling of safety and comfort.”



If you are finding this rate makes this work inaccessible for you, I also have many students who are practitioners in training who are able to offer sessions at more accessible  rate. I’m happy to help you make these connections, as well as be available to your practitioner for mentorship. 

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