Somatic Sex Education

Institute For The Study of Somatic Sex Education

This is an ideal time to study online! Course 1 of our professional certification program is entirely online, with support from your mentor, access to the popular, weekly community of practice calls and Facebook private group, and approximately 50 hours of rich content to keep you engaged with your body and your learning. There are a couple of assignments that suggest you need a practice partner, but if this is not accessible to you right now there are lots of ways to engage with the learning on your own.

Course 1

Foundations of Somatic Sex Education is a stand-alone course, even if you have no intentions of continuing on to complete certification, this is a rich opportunity to do some of your own personal work around sex and sexuality in the comfort of your own home!

Course Contributors

Corinne works together with a team of world-class educators to deliver the Somatic Sex Educator professional training.

Caffyn Jesse Liam ‘captain’ Snowdon

Course Overview

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Unit 1: Basic Practices and Principles
  • What is somatic sex education
  • Breath coaching, somatic awareness, and erotic energy cultivation
  • Somatic inquires into the impact of the social on the soma, oppression, liberation and the body.
Unit 2: Mindful Erotic Practice
  • Developing your own mindful erotic practice
  • Breath, sound, movement, imagination, intention setting, and touch to cultivate your personal erotic energy.
  • Introduction to Orgasmic Yoga
Unit 3: Empowering Choice and Voice
  • Embodying Consent
  • Barriers to empowerment in people
  • Components of intake, assessment and client-directed touch
Unit 4: Genital Anatomy and Mapping
  • Genital development, homology, and anatomy.
  • The wide diversity of genital structures and changes with engorgement and arousal
  • Internal and external genital anatomy, genital scars,
  • The science of expanded sexual response, and the nerves and processes involved in arousal and orgasm
Unit 5: Conclusion and envisioning
  • Guided exploration of SSE in the world
  • Deepen your focus on the readings and somatic learnings that particularly interest you
  • Receive guidance and talk about your goals with your SSE mentor, either Captian or Corinne

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