Online Yoga Course – Yoga for Sexual Happiness

“I Deserve Pleasure, And I Am Worthy Of My Own Love”

Integrating Yoga Therapy and Somatic Sex Education

I believe that self-knowing and self-loving are keys to radical self-responsibility for creating pleasure in our bodies and happiness in our lives.

In this class we will explore
  • Breath, movement, and energy circulation practices inspired by Taoist and Tantric Teachings
  • Pelvic floor tone
  • Heart pelvic connection
  • Self-responsibility for pleasure, within or without a partnership
  • Self-love as a form of activism
  • Permission to give creativity/ sensuality/sexuality an honoured role in your body and your life
  • Encouragement to make self-love a daily practice
5 Basic Principles
  1. Befriending the Psoas muscle
  2. Fascial Release
  3. Pelvic Awareness and Tone
  4. Breath as a tool for accessing the Autonomic nervous system
  5. Dialog with your body
What are some of the ways I feel sexual wellness in myself?
  • Accepting myself and my body exactly as I am.
  • Practicing the intention of self-love no matter how hard it is.
  • Trusting the intuitive movement of my body, no matter how big or small.
  • Knowing and celebrating my desires.
  • Acknowledging the power of creative life force energy and consciously cultivating it for magnifying my intentions.
What you may need for the practice
  • Free floor space with cozy carpet or a comfy matt (doesn’t have to be a typical yoga matt).
  • A selection of blankets, pillows, bolsters or blocks of different sizes that can be used as props.
  • Different music options – relaxing or meditative to start, with an option of more upbeat towards the end.
  • Comfortable clothing or a comfortable state of undress – maybe try wearing something you feel sexy in?
  • Water and a grounding sweet treat to enjoy during or after practice (I love chocolate, fruit, and nuts!)
  • 9″ pilates ball
  • I encourage you to shop local, or to order it here

Yoga Therapy for Sexual Wellness

What I offer you in this course, is a series of yoga forms, breath work practices and visualizations I have studied and integrated into my private practice. I have worked with hundreds of people with varying degrees of success, however, 100% of people who answered my survey feel some benefit and relevance of these practices, and most people have reported a significant increase in their ability to access pleasure. 

You’ll notice in my practice, I choose to use English terms and not Sanskrit. I don’t speak Sanskrit so it doesn’t feel appropriate for me to teach you what I don’t truly understand. What I do understand is that these movements can feel empowering, can bring awareness to mind/body connection, offer awakenings of pelvic floor muscles, bring attention to sexual/creative energy and how to move it through the body. I have experienced integrating all these practices into my own solo loving time, as well as in partner play, and have personally experienced the benefits of expanded embodied awareness, more powerful orgasms, easier access to pleasure, and a feeling of freedom in my movement and expression. 

“I have practiced yoga for many years, but with Corinne, it’s the first time that I recognized and awoke to the power of the pelvic floor and genitals is not only sexual awareness but how the practice and awareness can and does become integrated in all aspects of life. I feel more confident in myself and more able to express what I need and want (and don’t want). I’m much more aware of my own ability to access pleasure with another and for myself … primarily through the focus of the breath I’m now able to feel expanding and opening sensation in my pelvic floor and that sexual energy that builds draws up on the exhalation and pleasure that arises fills my whole body, not just my sexual organs but my whole being and that makes me feel I am tapping into my happiness much more easily as well as my creativity. I feel more open and connected overall within myself with others. That feeling goes deep and I have a greater sense of self-love and compassion.”

“Somatic Sex Education integrated with Yoga Therapy creates a very inviting and warm environment. I felt like I could express what I was feeling even though in my life it was very new for me to speak of and express my sexuality verbally with another person. This practice has created an environment that is nurturing and open to all senses, from the music, the lovely treats offered after each session, the warmth of the space – all created the environment needed for a feeling of safety and comfort.”

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