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IN-Person: Yoga For personal power

At Ajna yoga in Oak bay- STarting in September 2024


Wednesday’s 7-8:15 PM


Online: yoga for back care

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Yoga for Personal Power

For Women, Non-Binary and Female Identified Folks. 

“Over giving… People Pleasing… Burnt out…”

Recognize any of these words?

This dynamic class is for you if you are tired of being at the bottom of your priority list. Your body is telling you that something isn’t right and you’re sensing that you need to make some time for yourself. 

Corinne will care-fully invite you to move at the pace of trust and listen to the wisdom of your body. We will dynamically explore edges of capacity with curiosity,  build clarity and strength, practice challenging postures that build upon each other each week, cultivate meaningful intentions to guide you in your time off the mat, and have fun meeting new people in the community! Centering the philosophy of Ahimsa – non-violence and self-compassion to meet ourselves exactly where we are in each moment. 

I know I am in my power when:

I can find moments of ease and joy throughout my day.

I feel strong in my body and my mind.

I know my limits and how to play within them.

I have access to my No, and I can choose to say Yes!

I give myself the gift of time, just for me. 

No yoga experience is necessary. 

Would you like to join me?

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Find yourself:

– Softening into strength

– Relaxing your neck to find more freedom in your voice

– Releasing your psoas to create more space in your low back and more access to creativity

– Strengthen your core in the most loving ways

– Letting go of long held movement patterns to find more ease in your body

– Resting, Digesting and Healing your own body

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Yoga for Back Care is suitable for people with chronic back issues, including low back pain, neck pain, and sciatica. No Yoga experience is necessary.

The focus of this class is relaxation, releasing the psoas muscle, self-massage, building core strength, and flexibility to support a healthy back.

Breath awareness is a wonderful tool we practice to support pain management and releasing chronic tension.

You will need a soft place to lie down, yoga mat is optional. A tennis or spikey ball for self -massage, a strap, and a 9″ pilates ball.




9" Pilates Ball

This 9″ pilates ball has become a very important part of my practice. I use it to create positions in my body for deep release, and for self-massage.

I always encourage people to try and find a local supplier to support business in their own neighbourhood.

However, you can also order it online here: Fitterfirst

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